Want to be the best dressed doubles? Favourite dresses Zoe Alexander girls wear at tennis tournaments

best dressed doubles zoe alexander girls tennis clothes

Best dressed doubles? That’s certainly top of the list with best performance for all our Zoe Alexander tennis girls who play doubles. Nothing like being totally coordinated in every aspect of the game!

What’s your favourite number? Norway, your votes please!

Number one of course! So in this beautiful game of tennis which is 80% mental and 20% physical what better way to psyche out your opponents than by entering the court as a “Dynamic duo”, dressed the same from head to toe, looking every bit the “Tennis-Pro”.

Just ask Emilia and Tomine from Team Tomilia, Norway when they twinned up in the Dayana dresses to take on the competition in the Norwegian National Doubles Championship. They finished on the podium in third place and won 1st place for “Best Dressed Doubles”!

They have a Neon Yellow theme going on as we can see from the photos below. Looking stunning in their Dayana Tennis Dresses and their Petra Tennis Dresses they are very much the “Performance Pair” from Norway! Lykke til jenter! Good luck girls!

best dressed doubles girls tennis clothes zoe alexander

Dynamic Duo from the United Kingdom – Double Trouble!

Just leave it to the Dynamic Duo Judy Zhang and Sophia Krutikova to destroy the competition. The pair from the U.K. are the ones to beat when it comes to Doubles Tournaments. You are facing tough odds if you end up having them as your opponents girls! Here they are, valiant winners at Bromley Tennis Academy, sporting their Orange Zest Girls Tennis Dresses from Zoe Alexander. Both girls are amazing Singles players for their age groups and above, but when they are paired up, you better be prepared to accept a tough battle and almost certain defeat against them. Keep up the great work, girls!

orange zest girls tennis dress judy zhang sophia krutikova

Your Best Dressed Doubles Team

Please send us some photos of you and your doubles partner.We’d love to hear how you are doing and which girls tennis outfits are your favourites.

Get in touch through WhatsApp on +44 7849 502790 or email us at info@zoealexanderuk.com. Be the “Best Dressed Dressed Doubles Ever”!

best dressed doubles zoe alexander girls tennis dresses
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