Who makes tennis clothes for left handed players?

tennis clothes for left handed players zoe alexander

Zoe Alexander is possibly the only junior tennis clothing brand who makes tennis clothes for left handed players. Come and take a look at what we can offer your little lefty.

Left Handed Ball Pockets for Junior Players

It all started around seven years ago when Zoë moved to orange ball and needed a ball pocket for her ball shorts. Now being a lefty that immediately set us a challenge as there weren’t any examples of junior kit with ball pockets at that time let alone for left handed players!

So with our design hats on we set about making a prototype for a left handed girl player, namely Zoë, in size 1 age 5-6 years old. The very first version was pretty much spot on so we quickly adapted the design to the cropped and long leggings and launched our new leggings and shorts with ball pocket for either left or right handed players back in 2016.

Little has changed since the initial launch and to date we have seen nothing quite like this in tennis leggings and shorts. Let’s take a look at some of the designs available for junior left handed players.

Tennis Clothes for Left Handed Players

grey capri tennis leggings with ball pocket celine by zoe alexander

Celine Capri Leggings

simona leggings with left handed ballpocket zoe alexander

Simona Capri Leggings

neon yellow tennis shorts with ball pocket by zoe alexander

Neon Yellow Ball Shorts

cincinnati open capri cropped leggings zoe alexander

Cincinnati Capri Leggings

girls tennis capri cropped leggings zara by zoe alexander

Zara Capri Leggings

Dresses with Ball Shorts and Leggings with Ball Pockets

You no longer have to worry about finding that second ball on your second service because thanks to Zoe Alexander we have you covered! All our dresses and skirts come with ball shorts for left handed and right handed players. All leggings, both cropped and long also have a built in ball pocket either left or right to suit the player.

So keep your ammunition close to hand and go out and smash the competition!

Now you know who makes tennis clothes for left handed players!

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