Best Tennis Leggings With A Ball Pocket

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Let the pocket control the ball, while you control the game!

Tennis Pants with Ball Pockets

You spoke, we listened. You wanted stylish, functional tennis leggings which have a ball pocket, designed for either left or right handed players and we created the ultimate tennis collection of long leggings, Capri cropped leggings and performance shorts for you, our Zoe Alexander Tennis Family!

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Left or Right Handed Tennis Players

Having a leftie in the family challenges any tennis parent to seek a solution for ball storage during those tough tournaments and testing training days. Yes, other brands have their versions that cater for the majority of junior tennis players who are right handed but we saw the need to serve all of you the Ace you desired… the ultimate tennis long pants with a ball pocket that comes in either right or left handed player versions. Not content with just leggings you needed colour matching ball pocket shorts to go under your stunning Zoe Alexander tennis dresses so we made sure you had the same flexibility in ball pocket choice. The pocket takes the spare ball easily and comfortably leaving your hands free to toss the main ball and serve up a winner. In the unlikely event that first missile doesn’t strike its target you have your second close to hand…. not lying at the back of the court behind you! So Zoe Alexander offers you the best of the best in Tennis Leggings for Tennis Champions! We are here to serve you so that you can serve up the winners in every match, time and time again.
So gather your ammunition girls, load up and prepare to Ace your opponent. No more dropped balls, no more searching for that second serve ammunition! Let the pocket control the ball while you control the game.

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