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  1. Hi Adriana,

    I’m creating an infographic on \”Top 100 Baby Related Blogs To Follow in 2013\” and I’m looking to mention your blog (zoealexanderuk.com) in it. Would you be interested in publishing the infographic within your blog?

    Ron Hunt

  2. Hi Zoe,
    I love your site and in particular this blog. I have my website http://www.healthyfitnessmom.com. This is a Vlog (or video blog) that I have to review women’s maternity clothes, products, baby essentials etc…. I also have healthy tips for mothers prenatal/ postpartum on how to overcome the trials and tribulations you face in a healthy natural way. I was wondering if you might be interested in me writing an article for your site as a guest and mutual promotion?

    Ute Werner
    Healthy Fitness Mom

  3. Hello ,

    My name is Chris (Christine) and I enjoyed visiting your blog. I also have a blog called \’Harmony Balls\’ http://harmonyballs.blogspot.com.au/ and I have just posted an article about the \’Benefits of a Harmony Ball During and After Pregnancy\’. I thought you may be interested in a Guest Blog or re-posting this article relating to wearing a Harmony Ball during and after pregnancy on your website or blog (with a simple attribution link) or at the least a link to the article as I believe it will be of great interest to your readers and very much fit in with the theme and purpose of your site.
    Of course I will be happy to link to your blog in return however it is not about the link(s) but about letting women who are pregnant know about the benefits of a harmony ball which are also a stunning fashion statement. You may already be familiar with Harmony Balls, if not there is a lot of info in my blog and in the Harmony Ball websites which are listed on the blog.

    kind regards,

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