Pregnant Celebrity Style with the gorgeous Gwen Stefani

Today I’ve chosen the beautiful Gwen Stefani to showcase pregnant celebrity style with “No Doubt” in my mind! I’m sure you’ll agree this lovely lady knows how to rock during her pregnancy! She tweeted this piccie wearing a figure hugging black dress and leather pants. Doesn’t she look awesome?

pregnant celebrity style

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Getting Fit After Pregnancy – Some Key Advice

Getting Fit After Pregnancy

There are few times you’ll ever feel like you need to lose weight more than shortly after pregnancy. However, there are also few times you’ll ever be more overburdened, strained, and lacking in time. Your body will need time to recover from birth before you can set off on getting fit, nevertheless, many mothers who’ve just finished pregnancy will dive straight in. Here then are a few tips on getting fit after pregnancy – many requiring no formal exercise.

getting fit after pregnancy

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