"The [Zoe Colour Block Camel] dress is beautiful, it fits perfectly and I'll use it forever!! :) Thank you very much!! :) I love it!"

        Filipa M - Fashion Designer from Portugal


 Zoe Maternity Dress Image



"...when I received this gorgeous Anastacia dress, I was thoroughly impressed. This dress fits me perfectly and is so comfortable and figure flattering."

         Alex G - Fashion Stylist from Florida USA


Anastacia Maternity Dress Image



"I adore this color blocked dress from Zoe Alexander for several reasons:

1) Black is a slimming color...so it's perfect for color blocking a pregnant gal's lower half!

2) It fits me perfectly (which is not a phrase I say often these days!)  
In fact, each dress they make is custom made.  You send them your measurements --> they make a dress that will fit you beautifully. 

3) The fabric is such that I'll be able to wear this dress post-pregnancy as well."

               Marion G - Fashion Stylist from Denver USA


Zoe Colour Block Maternity Dress Image



"Many thanks. We used the lovely dress (Cassandra Cobalt) with the chiffon sleeves. Sept issue of Prima Baby"

          Sally-Ann Carroll - Style Editor Prima Baby London UK


Cassandra Cobalt Maternity Dress Prima Baby Feature Dress Image



"The [Tangerine Splash] dress looks fantastic on me... both the dresses [Zoe Colour Block] you have managed to give me confidence in myself... it's always so lovely to speak to you on the phone, Zoe Alexander sounds like such a warm yet sophisticated establishment, I will go out of my way to ensure I pass on your details to my pregnant peers and more."

         Shelley A from Manchester


"I came across this fabulous independent label whilst writing a freelance piece on maternity fashion a couple of months ago and am now the proud owner of a rather wonderful [Zoe Colour Block] dress... the ONLY maternity fashion item that I have come across so far (I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant) which manages to make me still feel like me, at my very best."

        Kate P from Yorkshire


"....the best maternity leggings ever..."

             Claire Young, Entrepreneur and BBC The Apprentice Finalist


"Unbelievable! I rang these guys, I gave them my measurements, asked them very kindly if I could have this in my favourite colours, black and burgundy, and they said yes! About a week later my perfectly fitting [Tri-Band] dress arrived! I still can't believe it! Thank you SO much!"

       Laura Simmonds from London