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Press Release SEP 2013


Animal Attraction - Halle Berry fiercely sports her spots for her pregnancy

We were thrilled when Shea Long of US Pregnancy & New Born featured our Animal Print Dress alongside Halle Berry on how to get the Halle Look


US Pregnancy & New Born features Zoe Alexander

Halle Berry Feature with Zoe Alexander Jaguar Print Dress



Press Release AUG 2013


Courtney Lopez, gorgeous wife of US X Factor Host Mario Lopez, chooses Zoe Alexander for her pregnancy

The stunning Courtney Lopez contacted us via her lovely stylist Marita De Leon to showcase a few of our dresses at some big events she and her husband Mario were attending. She wore Ivana for their invitation to the Kris Jenner TV Show, and Petula for the City of Hope Event that husband Mario was hosting.


Summer Maternity Dresses Courtney Lopez wears Zoe Alexander USA X Factor Lopez wears Zoe Alexander


courtney lopez pregnant Courtney Lopez on Kris Jenner wearing Zoe Alexander



Press Release APR 2013


British designer maternity clothes brand Zoe Alexander UK offers made to measure service on its new arrivals for SS 2013, all made in the UK

The San Francisco Chronicle featured the latest news from British Maternity Clothes Brand about their summer made to measure collection.



San Francisco Chronicle




Press Release JAN 2013


Posh Maternity Style from UK Fashion Maternity Brand Feature in SheKnowsUS Parenting


Melissa Dunlap, Writer at shared her thoughts on some of the fashion maternity clothes available from the British brand Zoe Alexander UK and this is what she said.




SheKnows Pregnancy&Baby Image







Posh Maternity Style from UK Fashion Maternity Brand Image


Every pregnant woman goes through the dreaded transition of switching from her pre-pregnancy clothes to maternity clothes. While maternity fashion has certainly come a long way, most maternity clothes don’t have a great fit and quality can sometimes be an issue.

Made to measure maternity clothes aren’t mainstream yet, but they can provide hope for the fashionista who knows the importance a tailored fit is for looking good. I recently reviewed a Zoe Alexander custom maternity dress and was able to experience the quality difference. The UK-based fashion brand makes each dress across the pond, but ships to the U.S. for delivery.

Here are a few favorite Zoe Alexander picks that can take you from day to evening. (read more about UK fashion maternity)



Press Release JAN 2013


How to #WOW Jacqueline Gold - Ann Summers CEO chooses Zoe Alexander UK as the first of the three top WOW winners 

January 2013 has started so well with Zoe Alexander UK being chosen as one of the three top #WOW Female Entrepreneur winners from 2012, with a personal invitation to meet Jacqueline for a mentoring lunch at the world renowned Ivy Restaurant, London.


#WOW Jacqueline Gold Female Entrepreneur Image 1

#WOW Jacqueline Gold Female Entrepreneur Image 2

#WOW Jacqueline Gold Female Entrepreneur Image 3

Thank you Jacqueline. I can't wait to meet you in person! Thrilled to have been one of your top three female entrepreneurs for 2012.



Press Release JAN 2013


Posh Product Review: Zoe Alexander Custom Maternity Dress Fashion Feature in SheKnowsUK

Recently Melissa Dunlap, Writer at reviewed the Zoe Colour Block Dress from Zoe Alexander UK and here is what she said about Made to Measure maternity wear.


SheKnowsUK Image

Posh Product Review: Zoe Alexander Custom Maternity Dress Fashion Feature in SheKnowsUK Image


Fashion brand Zoe Alexander has set out to find the perfect fit for mums-to-be by providing made-to-measure dresses that will work with your changing body. We’re taking an up-close look at a custom maternity dress from their collection. See how it measures up in our review.

Ah, the joys of learning to dress your pregnant body. Mums, you know what this adventure is like. Between your ever-growing baby bump and the need to wear something comfortable, yet still wanting to maintain some sense of style, the quest for finding the perfect set of maternity clothes can be challenging for even the most stylish fashionista.

Like many first-time mums, at the start of my second trimester I found myself getting frustrated when pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fitted my changing body, yet I was disappointed with the way most off-the-peg maternity clothes were fitting (not to mention the ugly, stretchy maternity panels). When fashion brand Zoe Alexander offered one of their dresses for review, I jumped at the chance to try it out for myself. (read more on Posh product review: Zoe Alexander custom maternity dress Jan 30, 2013 by Melissa Dunlap featured in Parenting / Pregnancy & Baby



Press Release DEC 2012


Jacqueline Gold awards us with #WOW Female Entrepreneur

Wednesday 5th Dec was another achievement for Zoe Alexander UK. Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers and supporter of Female Entrepreneurs presented Zoe Alexander UK with her #WOW award. Many thanks Jacqueline!


#WOW Jacqueline Gold Female Entrepreneur Image



Press Release DEC 2012


Maternity Fashion Feature in Broadway World Talk Fashion

Our latest Autumn Winter 2012 collection has got off to great start in the US! Recently Jennifer Diamond caught up with Zoe Alexander UK and here is what she said.


Broadway Fashion World December Issue Image


Steve and Adriana Walkington have redefined the world of maternity clothes in London and the world.   Their line of fashionable maternity wear, Zoe Alexander, began out of love, passion and Adriana’s dreams of being a fashion designer.  Their line is bespoke maternity, completely cut to measure, and wearable before, during and after pregnancy.  Zoe Alexander is fashionable maternity clothing for the modern Mom!

It was not so long ago that being pregnant meant putting away your sense of style for nine plus months in favor of oversized, baggy clothes.  But, just because your belly expands shouldn’t mean an end to your fashion forward wardrobe.  In fact, women today have embraced the “bump” and show it off in all its glory!

This is where Zoe Alexander truly has a handle on what a pregnant woman needs for work, events and everyday life before, during and after a pregnancy.  Their line of bespoke maternity is all things trendy, transitional and most importantly, made with the finest attention to details.

Zoe Alexander is made locally in the UK, which gives them the ability to have a total hand on approach to their quality.  Steve and Adriana pick everything from the fabric to design to color.  They get to see all their designs go through their full evolution, including reading emails from customers who are thrilled with the fit of their new Zoe Alexander piece.



Press Release NOV 2012


Maternity Clothes Brand Zoe Alexander UK features in SheKnowsUK

Following a great reception of our latest Autumn Winter 2012 collection from the US we established contact with the lovely Kristin Bustamante of SheKnows. Here is what SheKnows had to say about Zoe Alexander UK.


She Knows November Issue Image


No need to look frumpy

Maintaining your style when you are pregnant can be a challenge. Gone are the days when you were limited to over-sized dresses that were more reminiscent of a sack. Maternity fashion has evolved and now you can look chic and feel beautiful too, even with a baby bulge.

Regardless of your size pre-pregnancy, every mum's body changes differently, which can make it difficult to select clothing based on average measurements. Fashion brand Zoe Alexander saw this as a major flaw in women's clothing design and set out to create a perfect fit for mums-to-be by customising each piece to their exact size. Brand director Steve Walkington explained how this decision came to be, "When we started, during our research stage, we were amazed at the variation between sizes of up to 6 to 7 centimetres (2-1/2 inches) across a single size! We initially tried to standardise with averages but this is where the main problem lies. How many women are the average size and average height?"

"For us, the decision to go down the more labour intensive and detailed route of Made To Measure, boiled down to the simple fact that the majority of women, pregnant or not, rarely find the perfect fit when buying clothing and especially shopping online the sizing is always an issue," he said.

We agree and love that their line isn't just custom-made but also incredibly stylish. Here are just a few favourites.


She Knows November Issue Image



Press Release SEPT 2012


Feature in Prima Baby Magazine

We were thrilled when we were asked by Sally-Ann Carroll of Prima Baby, the essential parenting full colour glossy publication, to provide some of our collection for the September Pregnancy Diaries feature photoshoot.


Prima Baby September Issue Image


Our Cobalt Blue Cassandra Maternity Dress was worn by the lovely Harriet Drinkwater, 29, who was 26 weeks pregnant at the time of the photoshoot. We wish Harriet and her husband Phil a fantastic pregnancy journey and our sincerest warm wishes for the special day and the amazing experience of parenthood.

To find out more about the designer fashion maternity boutique collection for Autumn Winter 2012 from Zoe Alexander UK visit New Arrivals. There is an amazing selection of catwalk chic designer maternity dresses, stylish pregnancy skirts and bang on trend tops.



Press Release JULY 2012


Maternity Clothes Brand Zoe Alexander UK features in Insight Magazine

Insight Magazine is a vibrant full colour glossy publication that is innovative for readers, published fortnightly. Here's what they said about Zoe Alexander UK.

Zoe Alexander UK

Made to measure maternity style ...


Zoe Alexander UK Maternity Dresses  Maternity Made To Measure Image


Here at Insight we know all too well the struggle when it comes to seeking out maternity wear; with staying comfortable but confident in your clothing a real balancing act! So, what are us ladies to do?! Well, we have discovered a fantastic company that produces clothing that fits to your body, grows with your bump and, most importantly, makes you feel and look good…

Producing innovative and stylish designs, Zoe Alexander UK creates made to measure clothing for women seeking something different when it comes to their maternity wardrobe. Only using the highest quality fabrics that change with the body as it grows, Zoe Alexander UK strives to give women a unique service throughout their pregnancy, with each garment made to the customer’s exact measurements and made within ten working days! 

A wonderful concept and one that is rare to find in the UK, with all clothing designed and manufactured right here, Zoe Alexander UK provides clothing to suit all shapes and sizes, understanding that pregnant or not, each woman is very different. Perfect for those looking for a unique collection, this online boutique offers women the chance to indulge in retail therapy from their own home, without the usual guesswork when it comes to shopping online. From tops to tunics, leggings to dresses, with collections that change with the seasons and with you, Zoe Alexander UK allows you to retain your fashion flair, even with baby in tow! 

Run by husband and wife team, Steve and Adriana Walkington, Zoe Alexander UK was born just prior to the birth of their first daughter. Steve told us: “With the impending birth of our daughter, Adriana and I started to play with the idea of creating our own venture. So, when our daughter Zoe was just two months old, we set off to Europe, which was the start of 15 months of intensive research into our maternity line. We established contacts, re-trained and learnt new skills, but found that the very best manufacturing was actually in the UK and so, we returned with our new found knowledge and set up Zoe Alexander UK. Yet, with new colours, seasons, and trends constantly updating our collection, what remains is our mission to ensure women feel sexy, chic and confident in what they are wearing, whatever stage they are at!”

Buy online at, where you’ll also find a great range of hand-selected accessories including designer jewellery.