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Made in England


Return to our heritage

While so much of clothing manufacturing happens on assembly lines abroad we are proud to design and manufacture our fashion brand here in the UK. Our commitment to top quality craftsmanship is second to none. With every individual garment, a designer, a tailor and a seamstress is involved here in our atelier. It takes time, patience, skill, devotion to detail; the kind of time only an in-house bespoke process can provide to create pieces that are a labour of love.
We love the feel of the fabrics, the gorgeous colours, interesting textures, the myriad shades, tones and hues. To see the design evolve from an idea, to paper, then into a pattern creates such a buzz of excitement. Seeing the pattern chalked out, hearing the scissors snip through the beautiful fabric, seeing how it cuts, the buzz of the machines, piecing the garment together and putting those all important finishing touches. The hiss of the steam iron as the garment is pressed, the rustle of the gift wrapping tissue as the garment is placed in its gift packaging, before winging its way to its final destination.

The craftmanship and attention to detail that goes into each of Zoe Alexander's garments is a true testament to our love of creating inspired high impact styles made to meet and exceed a fashion savvy woman's needs for her wardrobe.


Our customers play an important role

We are quick to respond to the latest Fashion Trends, taking new ideas, inspirations & designs from fashion, travel, street style fashion, and even you, our customers, who contribute a lot with recommendations and suggestions, transforming them into exciting new models for the clothing collections. Our customers play an important role in the creation of our designs to ensure the best combination of style and practicality. 


Fabrics - finest qualities

We work directly with the fabric manufacturers & suppliers in Europe, hand selecting the finest qualities to ensure you benefit directly every time you wear your Zoe Alexander UK garment.


Accessories - latest additions

Our latest additions to our Accessories range are the leather and suede designer bags and belts, which are designed and manufactured here in the UK too. The bags are extremely practical for mums to be, for carrying healthy snacks and drinks, and following the birth of their little ones, make extremely useful changing bags. The designs very much focus on the requirements of mums-to-be and mums, with useful pockets and a functional single shoulder strap to avoid slip whilst your hands are occupied with your little one.


Made to Measure



FREE Made 2 Measure - Tailored to and for your needs

We know how difficult it is to find the "perfect" garment.

Q. How long do we spend in changing rooms trying on different clothes to check which ones fit?

Q. How long do we spend online trying to find the maternity clothes we need?

Q. Will the clothes be the right size for me?

Q. What if I am between sizes?

Q. Tall? Petite?

Q. Expecting twins?

Q. Second pregnancy?

Q. Bust one size, hips another?

Well, we have the solution! When you place your order, send us your measurements and we'll take care of the rest. Your perfectly fitting garment will be made for you within 10 working days, ready for shipping directly to your home. See "Measure Me" for specific details needed. This Made to Measure service has been introduced, despite its complexity to our production team and logistics, to eliminate the massive discrepancies over sizes and headaches concerning returns, to guarantee you, our customer, buys perfect fitted garments. And as a bonus, it's a FREE service! Happy Shopping!

Zoe Alexander UK's Made to Measure service further advances the designer clothes brand's philosophy of personalisation and signature attention to detail. In addition to offering fabrics from an exclusive selection, the service provides for personal tailoring according to the customer's individual measurements. Each garment is impeccably tailored for a truly unique experience.


Gift Packaging

And the icing on the cake, each garment comes gift wrapped in luxury packaging, enveloped with gorgeous tissue wrapping paper and secured with a beautiful ribbon. This is the final part of the exciting story of creation, making us feel like it is Christmas every day!

Zoe Alexander UK gives back

Wherever we can, we try to support and contribute to our society by working with other UK manufacturers and creating employment opportunities through the growth of our business. We are supported by manufacturing and services from Leicestershire, Yorkshire, London, Kent, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Somerset, Wales and Northern Ireland whose contribution we deeply appreciate.

We are proud to be a company that embraces the "Make It British" ethos, we want to grow this business here in the UK and offer more employment opportunites as a result.