Pencil Skirts and Dresses For Maternity – On Trend

Pencil me in! For the latest fashion in maternity clothes this year look out for pencil skirts and dresses during pregnancy. Bang on trend, a celebrity choice with many! I adore pencil dresses – chic, feminine, gorgeous!

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Pencil Skirts and Dresses

matenity work wear pencil dresses

During your pregnancy, there is nothing like the pencil to show off your curves! A fashion favourite with many, just look at how many celebrities embrace this figure hugging iconic shape, stylish, sleek and elegant. Believe it or not, the pencil has been around for over 100 years and this year is making a big return with the fashion houses.

maternity pencil dress

For work wear, evening and formal day occasions, you can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt or dress. Whatever height or age you are, you’re guaranteed to look absolutely fabulous, pregnant or not!

History of the Pencil Skirt

For those of you who like to know a little more about what you wear:

  • first appearance when the Wright Brothers took their first female passenger Mrs Berg on a flight in 1908. They tied a rope around her ankles to prevent her skirt getting entangled in the propellors!
  • Following wide publicity of the flight through postcards the Hobble skirt as it became known was all the rage by 1910.
  • In 1940 Christian Dior created the pencil skirt to celebrate the female figure following the somewhat shapeless flapper dress era of the 20′s and 30′s.
  • Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn embraced the pencil shape both on and off stage – Breakfast at Tiffany’s saw the arrival of the iconic “Little Black Dress”, created by Givenchy.

Hobble pencil skirt 1908
pencil skirt christian dior 1940
little black dress Audrey Hepburn

So the pencil shape is very much a fashion favourite today, celebrated by women, celebrities and fashion designers all over the world. No style savvy woman should be without a pencil dress or skirt, and in particular when pregnant this should be one of her first purchases for her maternity clothes wardrobe.

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Pencil Dresses for Maternity

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